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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Acck! I miss talking about work and the Web... just-personal is boring

I can't help it ... I started this blog, as I do most conversations these days, in the social-personal vein. Talking about this and that. But the itch is killing me to bring up business.... The girl can't help it.

I sold my company a few months ago (I was in Internet publishing and ecommerce in the USA) to start a NEW LIFE with my new husband!
"New" means something that's not 24x7 workaholic business, business, business. I'm still consulting via email and phone to the new owners 40 hours a week... but the rest of my time is supposed to be spent having a life. Going to the greenmarket and cooking from scratch, learning to speak Serbo-Croatian, relaxing at cafes, etc. etc.

But loads of the people I'm meeting are entrepreneurs, so I love talking to them about their businesses. And then there are Internet-related Serbs I met in the past (usually virtually) through work connections, so we're all getting in touch with each other now that I'm here and talking opportunities.

So anyway, I guess this blog will probably devolve into a mix of more professional than personal. Because, heck, I'm built that way. Apologies if you were expecting something else here.

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