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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aack! Never Buy International Air Tickets in Nepal

The horrible truth that absolutely no Nepali travel agent will tell you: International air travelers who buy their tickets in Nepal are only allowed to check one single bag of luggage which must weigh 20 kilos or less. You will be charged up to $25 by the airline when you check in for each additional kilo. If you wish to pay that charge on a credit card, allow at least one extra hour of check-in time prior to departure (in other words, 3 full hours from the moment you arrive at the airport) so the airline employee can locate the credit card processing slip, figure out instructions, laboriously handwrite on the slip and receipts, take a break, come back after you ask another employee to hunt him down, etc., etc.

If you buy your ticket for the exact same seat on the exact same flight to Europe from a travel agent in Europe, you are allowed to check two bags of up to 20 kilos each. If you buy a ticket for the same flight only your final destination is the USA and you use a US travel agent, then your baggage allowance is even larger, plus your extra kilos surcharge is super-dinky.

Because I bought my ticket in Nepal, I was charged more than $800 for extra baggage. OK, actually I whined and plead and made a stink and got off with "only" a $500 charge. Thank the nice gate man honey. Yep.

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