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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yet Another Cool 'Married to a Serb' Blog

Thanks to Ian Thornton for this hotlink to his blog & MySpace page where he reveals what it's really like to be a British musician touring Serbia with your band of locals. Not always easy, but certainly truthful and funny. (Example, his stories about Serb drivers being offended when you the passenger put on a seat belt are dead on spot.)

Wow - having now (virtually) met so many really interesting Brits, Americans, Canadians, etc who have moved to Serbia to be with their native spouses, I am beginning to think it will be easier for me to make new friends and acquaintances when we move fuller-time to Serbia in 2009. (Currently we only live in Serbia a couple of months per year, and spend the rest of our time traveling and living elsewhere, including the US, Nepal and Croatia, due to work and family obligations.) I can't wait.

In the meantime, I'm keeping track of all the 'married to a Serb' and 'foreigner living in Serbia' bloggers I find that I like. I post hotlinks to each on my blog roll which you can see at the right of this page. If you do a relevant blog, please do drop me an email (directly or via Facebook) and I'll see about adding your blog too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Zadar... your blog is so much fun. Like lots of others, I'm also an American living in Croatia, but only part of the year. The rest is spent in NJ with family, most of all our 3 grandkids. Retirement in Zadar is a dream come true and love every minute of it. Friends could never understand how I'd leave the USA for 6 months at a time, but once they visited, and many have, they understand how great the easy life style can become a habit. Lots of luck and happiness when you move to Serbia, and God bless you in whatever you and your husband do in life. Meadow2345@aol.com

ps. we also shipped a boat and car here and the stories could fill a book about getting them here.