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Monday, July 7, 2008

Zadar Croatia Featured in Sunday New York Times: New Fame for Our Part-time Hometown

In the English-language travel press and TV, Croatia is made up of Dubrovnic, Istria, and a titch of Split, with absolutely nothing in between. I'd certainly never heard of Zadar until I married a man who was raised there.

Now our part-time home -- the city on the Adriatic we flee to when the grey winter skies above our homes in New England and Sombor Serbia are too depressing -- has gotten a big fat glorious write-up in the New York Times. Complete with color photo, and a rather nice slideshow, no less.

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Alex Hughart said...

To me Zadar is forever linked with Maraska Cherry Liquor whose sweet, rich flavor I enjoyed as a kid stealing a sip from my parents liquor cabinet. I got a bottle for nostalgic reasons and although it’s a bit too sweet for a grown-up taste, it is as good as I remember it.
My American husband came up with a perfect summer cocktail, a version of a cocktail made with Chambord liquor:
Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, add 1/3 of the liquor and 2/3 of club soda, squeeze a half of a lime (pulp optional). Experiment with the amount of the liquor as it still may be too sweet for some. It’s refreshing but it can easily sneak up on you giving you a serious buzz - which is what Dalmatia does to people in general.