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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whups! The Problem with Dinars is...

When my husband wound up in Bahrain for three hours on a layover recently while en route to Kathmandu, he nipped over to the airport ATM to take out a few sample bills. When he discovered Bahrainian currency is called 'Dinars' just like Serbian currency, he was utterly charmed and immediately requested 1,000 dinars. The ATM refused.

He tried again. Nope. The machine would only give out 300 Dinars at a time. Why? Well, as he was horrified to discover when he window shopped Duty Free moments later, a single Bahrain Dinar is worth about US$3. In comparison, the exchange rate for a Serbian Dinar is about US$0.02.

That's right, he thought he was taking pocket change from the ATM and instead there he was with close to $1,000 to spend! It could only happen to a Serb.


Mario said...

Dolar is doing fine here in Serbia! Some problems with Russian gas on cold Xmass.

Anonymous said...

The confusion has lessened as all the Serbian and Yugoslavia dinars including the old,hyperinflation currency notes are seperate,remoneterized and working simultaneuosly as per its daily value in www.coinmill.com/YUM.