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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ignorance or Propoganda? Only LA Times Reports on Serbia-CIA Connection

The biggest news story in Serbia right now is the Hague's announcement that Milosevic's intelligence chief, Jovica Stanisic, was alsothe CIA's "main man in Belgade" for 8 years in the 1990s. So, he was reporting to Washington DC at the same time as he was in charge of much of the ethnic cleansing that gave Serbia her current bad reputation.

Here's the thing that's weird to me -- despite the fact that I surf Serbian news (in English) via Google and Yahoo News Alerts which gather feeds from tens of thousands pof English-language sources, not a single mention was made of this story. The only way I happened to find out about it was because my husband surfs Serbian news sites in his own language, where it was the weekend's big headline.

Next I started checking major US news sites individually -- perhaps the Google and Yahoo 'bots missed something? First I went to the Washington Post, nothing. Then I checked the New York Times, zilch. In fact, the only major paper to mention this story was the LA Times. And it wasn't a small mention. The LA Times story by their Belgrade correspondent Greg Miller, entitled 'Serbian Spy's Trial Lifts Cloak on his CIA Alliance' , is more than 2,000 words long! That's major feature-story length.

Why would the LA Times do a major feature story on a CIA revelation that no other US news outlet I can find even mentioned? Not even a brief? Or, rather, why would the other news outlets ignore the story so completely? Again, not even a brief?

It seems our national honor is to some degree at stake. The CIA's cooperation with vile people in other countries, especially smaller, war-torn ones, is well documented in the past. Apparently they claim, it's the only way to do their job. War lords beat choir boys when it comes to intelligence gathering. To understand the barnyard, you have to shovel shit now and then. Whatever....

To me as a businessperson, the CIA's choice looks mostly like HR incompetence, pure and simple. Belgrade has been a center of spies and spying since before WWII. Everyone from Russia to India to the EU and yes the US, all have had spies there forever. After the Berlin Wall fell, the streets of Belgrade must have been littered with out-of-work spies! Surely the CIA could have recruited someone who was not so willing to engage in atrocities. The CIA is famous for not having remotely enough competent spies in the Middle East, where any HR exec could have told them recruiting would be critical, so let's just assume their HR department pretty much sucks wind.

But why the media silence? Is this ignorance, propoganda, stupidity? I guess, as my husband tells me, I'm naive about things like this.


Dan Friedman said...

I am having a hard time getting current news from Croatia, as well, plus the new issues developing in Bosnia. You are becoming a primary news source.
Dan Friedman

Dezire said...

First of all I need to correct you. It is either American-Serbian spy connection or State Security of Serbia-CIA connection.
You are questioning low profile of this news maybe because you are not familiar with the informations surrendering Mr. Stanisic.
First of all he was a head of Serbia's State Security and together with Franko Simatovic the driving force of the Milosevic power.
Second, Mr. Stanisic is facing trial in the War Tribunal in Hague.
So what this two facts have to do with the "ignorance" of US media?
Simply your Government don't want to be connected with Mr. Stanisic which could have poisonous effects, because someone could argue that US intelligence had knowledge of the crimes committed in Former Yugoslavia.
They had a full control of the events, but they did nothing to stop them. They were only pursuing they own interests.
It is contrary to what US officials were saying at that time.
That is why Richard Holbrooke secretly pledged to Mr.Karadzic that he won't be prosecuted by the War Crime Tribunal.
On the other hand Mr.Stanisic also know a thing or two about US intelligence activities during the war witch might compromise someone's

Mirjana said...

Dear Rosemary,

Please ignore this huge comment Dezire posted. Most of USA don't know they are in the war!! What can we expect about media its all screened!!
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