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Friday, April 16, 2010

Most Flights From Belgrade to US Are Cancelled Due to Iceland's Volcanic Eruption

I'm posting this here because apparently this news isn't on the news in Serbia that anyone I know knows of. If you, like my husband, are planning to fly from Serbia to the US this weekend, you'd better contact your air carrier right away. I've heard the Lufthansa staff at Nikola Tesla Airport are working overtime answering calls tonight.

Turns out a big volcanic eruption in Iceland has shut down most flights in Northern Europe including France and Germany. The ash cloud is expected to drift eastward over the weekend, which isn't good for Atlantic travel because most Europe-to-USA and Europe-to-Canada flights are normally routed where that ash may be. And ash is very dangerous for plane engines. (I'm not an expert, I just heard this in the news here in the US.)

If you have any reason to be concerned, don't expect your travel agent to call you -- call the airline directly!

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Christina said...

It's impossible to book going in the opposite direction, too. Lufthansa's phone lines in the US are 24 hours, but with this enormous mess, it is impossible to get through. A couple of days ago, when you posted this, Spain and Portugal still had open airspace, but as of yesterday, they were closed also. I have a limited period for travel this year, and I can't figure out the best way to get over there.