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Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Serb-Husband Blog: Canadian Man Marries Nice Girl From Novi Sad

For me, the best and most unexpected result of this blog are the new friends and acquaintances I'm making through it. Thousands of people are now reading it each month, and nearly 100 have written me so far. I'm learning of this whole world of Serbs married to Westerners... and often vice versa. It's wonderful not feeling alone.

It's also been wonderful hearing how many people are either in the process of moving [back] to Serbia or at least considering it seriously. I have to admit, I'm only in Serbia part of each year now as we also keep a house in the US, and admire and am a bit envious of the people who are there full time. Envious but also relieved for myself. Serbia is like very strong wine -- sometimes the experience is best with a bit of water.

I woke today to the good news in my in-box that one of my new favorite correspondents, Rob Russell, a Canadian married to a Serb from Novi Sad, has kickstarted his blog to talk more about what it's like as a Serb-husband. He and his wife also run a bio-tech firm and have the experience of interviewing potential Novi Sad-based employees. Having had Serb employees in Sombor for a while myself when I headed a US Internet firm, I ruefully laugh at many of their experiences.

Anyway, check out Rob's blog and give him support if you like it as I have. Also, if you are a Serb expat considering returning home, or already returned, or a Westerner married to a Serb, do contact me if you're interested. I may start a Facebook group or something soon... we deserve our own special club!

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Anonymous said...

I comment on and off but read everything you post, regardless. It is like reliving the past ...

My ex-husband is a Serb, and I am your run of the mill Canadian. I lived for two years with him in Serbia, before we moved to Canada and two years after that divorced.

But your experiences are very similar to mine, and you talk of things that trigger great memories for me!

- A.