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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homesick? NetFlix Offers Serbo-Croatian Language DVDs

It's better than nothing. If you're stuck in the US and miss the sound of your language, Netflix now has a Serbo-Croatian Language section in their "Foreign language" genre area. They've got about 15 films in that section for rental by mail currently... although you may have to get in line because most of them are winging their way to our house.


Anonymous said...

There are many other ways you can get YU movies/series/music on the net. If you're not into peer-to-peer freebies (torrent sites like crnaberza.com, najnovije.net, yuwabits.net), you can download lots of them here:


This is just one of many other similar sites :-)

Don't want to download movies? Watch them online:


As for YU music, old and new:





Enjoy :-)

Bryce said...

Here is another great website that is in the Serbo-Croatian language that you might enjoy. It is also in many other languages as well:

Српскохрватски wiki browser