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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Don't 39% of Croatians Want to Join the EU?

Although more Croatians are in favor of joining the EU than ever before, a pretty big chunk disagree. Why? I thought the answer might be banking laws because easy money laundering would be a thing of the past. My Croatian-born husband says, gosh no! It's something far more important than mere money.

EU regulations apparently forbid the selling of homemade wine, which will be a shocking blow to the millions who buy, sell, and drink it daily. I know my quality of life would suffer. Bad EU. Boo!


Justin Spry Baltz said...

He he, Back in 2004, I help conduct a focus group in Belgrade on Serbian thoughts on EU Accession. One group was chosen from various SRS supports. In this group I was expecting various arguments against, ranging from Kosovo to imperialism, etc. Surprisingly the issue that came up time and time again had nothing to do with politics but with Rakija. Everyone complained that EU meant taxes on homemade Rakija. Moral of the story is don’t stand between Yugoslavs and their homemade Rakija.

Anonymous said...

you are talking about something that you even dont know, so stop.

damir said...

da bar svi amerikanci tako misle i da nam nitko ne dođe. ajte svi u srbiju. ima tamo svega. otoka, voda, mora, zraka, albanaca, dobre rakije i puno pameti.

nama sasvim dobro u toj precijenjenoj državi.