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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Differences Between Serbian Men & American Men: Household Chores

Less than an hour ago, I overheard this conversation on the Albuquerque airport bus, and it made me laugh to myself when considering the amount of cooking and cleaning typical Serbian men do :

Middle-aged male bus driver speaking to a middle aged female passenger traveling alone, "How long have you been away from home?" Her reply, "About five days, and I gotta tell you, if our house is a mess when I get back, my husband will be getting a lot of hot tongue and cold shoulder!"

A second, older female passenger, "You mean he doesn't clean up after himself?!"

First woman, "My husband is spoiled rotten. He thinks if he does the laundry, that he's contributing in a major way to the household. It's my fault - his mother ruined him growing up and then I put up with it for years for the sake of the children. But they're grown and gone now and things have to change!"

Bus driver, "Well, I do all the cooking in my household."

An elderly male passenger, "So do I. Everything. I'm the family chef." His wife pats his hand proudly, "Yes, he is!"

Bus driver, "Tonight I'm making short-ribs with a fresh salad and some local feta cheese I picked up at the market. And maybe some other vegetables. "

General murmurs of approval all around.


Anonymous said...

that's great but you forget to mention the difference.... :S

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

My Serbian husband is the cook in the house! He likes shopping for food, too. Now cleaning...that's a different story entirely. :)