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Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Listen to Balkan Beat Box While You're Driving

Unless you want a speeding ticket. Perfect soundtrack for housework though.

So, OK, what's your favorite Balkan music record?


Ange said...

Well, technically that is not a Balkan group, so does it count? I saw them in concet here last year, and they were a great, fun band to see live.

Mirjana said...

I like it, music is new to me but the sound not ;) Have to get one copy for me :)

Lots of regards,

Mihajlo said...

My Fav would be George Dalaras and Goran Bregovic's "With Two Canvas Shoes"

Anonymous said...

CECA, of course ;) Everything turbofolk. It's so trashy but soooo catchy.

Fenomenal said...

try this