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Monday, May 4, 2009

Suggest Your Favorite Expat Books & Blogs

Even before I met and married my Yugoslav husband, I was always fascinated by people who live outside the countries of their birth. Over the years I've gathered a collection of more than 100 autobiographies by expats, diplomats and journalists living abroad, especially women. (Hey, I'm female, so that's my preference.)

Tonight I started a longtime dream, to post book reviews and Amazon hotlinks for all these wonderful books and share them with the world. Some of them are famous, some barely known, others rare collectibles.

And what the heck, I also decided to start reviewing the best living abroad bloggers as well. Because blogs are often the autobiographies of tomorrow. I haven't added any yet, but will do so shortly.

I'd love your suggestions for blogs and/or books to include. I'll keep posting new reviews in the weeks and months to come, so lemme know at rosemarybaileybrown(at)gmail.com

In the meantime, my new blog is at: http://living-abroad-books.blogspot.com/

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Karl Haudbourg said...

I took a look at your blog. What a good idea. I recently have written a blog post about the Subjective atlas of Serbia done by a group of thirty six young Serbian artists, photographers and designers, including Marija Kovac,
Smaragdina Garic, Nevena Kocik,
Ivana Barandovski, Aleksandra Petkovic, and Tijana Vitomir, to name a few. It's a good book, it's Worth reading !