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Friday, February 25, 2011

Typical Prices for Apartments in Belgrade Area + My Three Favorite Listings Web Sites

I got these from a list at e-Belgrade.net which is one of my favorite real estate sites because it has so many realtors' listings all combined into one database. The prices are Euros per square meter.

Crveni Krst 1938
Dedinje 2128
Dorcol 1979
Slavija 2214
Stari Grad 2186
Vracar 2172
Zemun 1331

My other favorite Serbian real estate sites which combine multiple realtors' listings are are:
Halo Oglasi - for the absolute newest listings, hour by hour through the day
Imoniva - for listings arranged on a map

However, be forewarned, even if you look at every single listing on all three of these sites, you won't have seen all that's available as many listings either don't appear anywhere online, or only appear on an individual realtor's site. Also, you'll see a lot of duplicate listings -- the same stan advertised by multiple realtors. One place I only recognized after the fourth time of seeing very different pictures of it because the same small, angry dog, was scampering toward the camera with vengeance in its eyes each time.


jeju said...

Thanks for the real estate low down. Looking at some of the property ads, when there are photos, which isn't often, the pictures are just bad! I don't want a close up shot of your bed side table!

James said...

What currency are the prices in? Is this to rent? buy? A little more detail would be helpful. Thanks!

Rosemary Bailey Brown said...

Euros per square meter to buy. Not including sales tax or realtor fees.