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Monday, October 1, 2007

Anyone Gonna Be At Serbian Unity Conference in SF?

I have to be in San Francisco at the end of this month on business, so I'm considering popping over to the Serbian Unity Congress being held at the same time there. Have you been or know anyone who is going? My husband is excited about the band they have playing, Bajaga & Instruktori (although not excited enough to get on a plane for seven hours each way and come with me.) And apparently Milorad Dodik is speaking, who I being completely politically-unaware have no feelings for, but several of my Sombor-based friends say is liked there about as much as George Bush is in the US (ie., not.)


Viktor said...

If you have the chance, pop by.
It is pretty nationalist-diaspora-celebrating-all-things-Serbian event I believe, but I think it could be interesting for you as a foreigner to see that side of the story as well.
Dodik is popular among nationalistic types mostly, which means he is more popular here than GWB is in the US I guess.

Dimitri Thompson said...


I am going! Since I live in Oakland, will be close for me. Pefect time to meet you and your husband. I was born in Belgrade, lived there over 25 years than lived 10 years in London, UK and now almost 10 in US (LA, Vegas and Oakland, CA). So, if you need somebody local or to translate or just Co., will be more than happy!
D. Thompson

Anonymous said...

As regards dodik he is the most popular and dominant politician in RS half of Bosnia ... as to not being like in the other half (FBiH), that most certainly is the case !!!

As a Bosnian I tend to loathe all the nationalist politicians ... though Dodik is credited with boosting living standards in RS and he is at least not from the SDS (Karadzic) ...