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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When You Get Vaccinations for Foreign Travel...

... don't make my mistake and do it on a Tuesday. Choose a Friday night or Saturday morning instead.

As part of our prep for our upcoming trip to Nepal, we got typhoid, hepatitis, polio and tetanus shots yesterday at a travel clinic. (Given the rising incidence of rabid dogs and possibly monkeys in Nepal, my husband also wanted the rabies shot, but I wimped out because that one is supposed to hurt a lot. I'll just avoid animals there.) Within a few minutes of getting shots we both had headaches and felt tired. I crashed at nine last night and didn't wake until nine this morning. And despite two liters of Diet Pepsi, it's noon here now and my bed is looking awfully inviting.

But I have to run into the office, so will buck up. Next time though, I'll get shots on the weekend!

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