Experiences of an American woman who was married to a Serb.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dumbest Thing a US-Based Serb Ever Said to Me

"Our son is dating an American." Said in a dramatic tone of horror and dismay, just as you might say, "Our son is doing Heroin."

I, the blatantly, doesn't-even-speak-Srpski-yet, American wife was standing right next to my Serb husband when this remark was addressed to ... me! I quite literally could not think of a reply for a moment, and then nodded in commiseration, "Yes, well that's been known to happen."


Nikola said...

Dear madam--

You provide an excellent reading here. I am surprised that the comments are so rare. Keep on, nonetheless!


Mario said...

Bad luck, you didn't get only smart Serb emigrants :-)
I enjoy your B92 postings.

Best regards from Ljubljana
Marijan M. Miletic, MSc EE, S56A