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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

#1 Thing My Serb Friend Was Asked About America

When my friend Zlatko returned from visiting us in America earlier this year, he says everyone here in Sombor had one, single, big question for him, "Do Americans have really huge refrigerators like in the movies that are all full of food?"

Now I understand why, when he first visited my US house, he ran to the kitchen and threw open the fridge doors and then just stood there like it was the Grand Canyon or something. It must have been a crazy sight for a guy whose wife and/or mother prefer to shop for fresh produce daily at the local farmer's market, so very little ever needs to be refrigerated.

My husband and I just bought a new fridge for the Sombor house because the old one was dead, dead, dead. And things smelled bad. The stores had two kinds of fridges -- little short thin ones like you see in college dorm rooms, and very tall thin ones that look as though someone took the short ones and streeeeetched it tall. None were as wide as a "normal" American low-cost regular fridge. And certainly none were wide enough to have two doors (plus freezer drawer) the way ours does at home. Actually I think you could stuff two of our new tall Serb fridge inside our US fridge and there might still be some room for milk or something.

That said, we shop the Serb way here too. So, when we loaded the new Serb fridge up, it was still pretty empty inside.

By the way: My step-daughter tells me, if you're a Serbian kid returning from the US, the #1 question all the other kids will have for you is, "Did you ride in the yellow bus?"

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