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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Attn Web Programmers Worldwide: Serbian Firm Seeks Freelancers

As I mentioned in my post below, Web programming shops in Serbia are gaining business like crazy mainly from external clients (especially British marketers) who are shopping for cheap but well-done systems and design.

At a picnic yesterday evening, I ran into Igor Trpcevic who heads Novi Sad-based Web development firm Program In who also run this site. When I mentioned I was writing this blog, he asked me to post a few job openings for virtual, freelance programmers. If you can write in English, have any of the following skills, and would like to moonlight for Igor, it's not a lot of money but he can toss you plenty of business because his company has been growing quickly. (In fact, he says the only thing holding him back right now is the lack of programmers with a few years work experience who are seeking work. )

Program In is seeking:

- PHP programmers
- CRM system experts, especially those who've worked on B2B applications and/or with Joomla, or OSCommerce
- Flex programmers who also have some MySQL abnd PHP skills
- Web designers with HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash experience

Apply by contacting Igor by email -- igor.trpcevic(at)gmail.com

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