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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Freakish Croatian Tourism Magazine Content

"Texts in English!" proclaims a bright yellow banner on the cover of Turist Plus magazine, a glossy produced in Zagreb and planted in three and four star hotel rooms throughout Croatia. Great, so I grab a copy.

Unlike the real estate magazine I got earlier which carefully printed each article in two languages, the editors of this magazine targeting wealthy tourists have made a strategic decision to ONLY publish a couple of "lifestyle" articles in English. So all the articles about actually being a tourist are in Croatian only, although the average Croatian stays in four star hotels in this country pretty much never.

But the weirdest is yet to come. Turns out the English language lifestyle articles are about how to lose weight (Tip # 12 is : "Wash your fathers car, the activity takes about 100 calories.") The editors also decided to include a practical guide to sex in English which advises me anal sex may be somewhat painful and that women who have lots of sex overall tend to have bigger breasts because of it.

Well, that is just the sort of information I need when touring Croatia.

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Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like croatians are trying way too hard!