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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Serb Internet Industry Insiders Send in Some Notes & Hotlinks

Since my posting a few days ago about the Serb Internet industry, a few folks posted really insightful comments (thanks) and several contacted me directly.

Dejan Bizinger in Belgrade is B92's blogmaster. He's also doing an official blog for the BlogOpen conference in Novi Sad in November. He emailed me, "As I wrote in my comment there, excellent article. Maybe you have seen my post about Adria market on my eMarketingBlog - or my article on Top Web Applications in Serbia on very popular Read/Write Web Blog."

Viktor Markovic who's one of my favorite writers at Belgrade 2.0 blog emailed me that, "Net business here is still in diapers as you mentioned in your previous blog post. As for the 'who is who' I guess you'll find out most by reading forums, elitesecurity.org devprotalk.com and dizajnzona.com - if you know Serbian, that is. I don't know of any good or forums or blogs in English where you could find such an info... maybe you have just given me idea for a blog post in the future - 'who is who in Serbia net industry' :) "

As for myself, visiting Serbia now and meeting these guys (albeit virtually for now) is a really cool thing because it's the second time I've been witness at the start of a healthy Internet business. (Yes, I know Serb Web sites have been around for a decade and B92 in particular has more historical importance than most US Web sites ever did for their country! But I'm talking about business here, as in for-profit, because hey, I am a capitalist after all....)

Anyway, for me it's a bit like being in a time machine. I feel, for the second time in a row, like a cheerleader cheering the Internet-inventing team on to victory.

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Dejan Bizinger said...

I always wanted to make some article on WiW IN Serbian Internet but it takes time so if you want to do it, it would be great :-)

Actually, I'm no longer B92 Blogmaster, I launched it, run it for some time, was dealing with technical stuff, but now a little less because we have a blog moderator who does that and a guy who made that new blog application (it is not longer on Drupal)

Also, that blog post on B92 blog you mentioned is not official BlogOpen post it is posted because of the BlogDay which was on August, 31th Some guy announced it as a blogday and the rest was follow :)

I also don't know for some domestic IT forum in English

If you want to participate in B92 Forum I can make you a username (it is not publicly available always)