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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ooh I am Chosen as a VIP Blogger for B92

I am so excited. I've been invited by the staff of B92 (one of the largest and most established news sites in Serbia since 1995) to be a VIP guest blogger on the B92 blog. They said I can re-use some of my posts from here, but that doesn't feel quite right to me now. Maybe if I get tired later ;-) Luckily they also said I can post in English only, which is good because my Serb is terrible.

Anyhow, I've just posted my very first post to B92. It's on the truth behind most Americans' impressions of Serbia.


Anonymous said...

oh yet another american crap on the web

Anonymous said...

rosemary!! that is awesome!
i've read quite a few american/canadians in serbia blogs and yours is by far the best in terms of content and how well it is written keep up the good work


Bilyana Teshanovich said...

Dear Rosemary,
Perhaps you do not need a cultural comment so I ask your pardon in advance. Just to fill in the perspective regarding your post on B92 about best things about Serbia. The guy who put on the cartoon about the Serbogram at the start is a Montenegrin of the separatist kind. He worked for Radio Free Europe so he is a very influential figure in the anti-Serbian loby. On the other hand the person who put in the discussion about "Serbian tomatoes being better than Croat!" is a Croat lady herself, Dunjica, married to an NGO worker. Just to show you how anti-Serbian feelings are created in our own surroundings. Srdjan Kusovac could not stand the jokes I put regarding his comment, so he called up B92 and had me banned. I am glad, it is too nervewrecking to be involved there as a Serb.
Good luck!