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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drinks at the "Millionnaire's Club" Outside Sombor

We went for a long walk in the countryside outside Sombor the other evening and wound up here a couple of miles outside town. It's a fairly new building but reminds me of the old Hungarian-style fancy places by Lake Palic near the border. (Sorry about the terrible pic, I'm still learning how to use this digital camera....)

Apparently when it first opened a few years back it was nicknamed the Millionaire's Club because it was so big and fancy and out in the country. Supposedly there are at least 10 millionaires locally, all of whom live fairly quietly so you might not guess it, and most of whom are rich in land not cash, this being such an agricultural center. So it's believable some of these gentlemen farmers would stop by this palace in the middle of what seemed like nowhere in the fields far out of town for a night's drink.

I was nervous to go inside because we dressed for a chilly walk, not for a swank club. But my husband pulled me inside anyway. There I was relieved to find our eccentric attire of sweat pants, old warm tops and sneakers was more or less what the other few inhabitants were wearing too. They were all men, about 10 strewn about a few at one table, a few at another. All looking a bit serious and quiet.

Then two cheerful looking men came in, both wearing the most beautifully tailored and tasteful suits. "This is more like it!" I thought to myself. "This is exactly how millionaires should look."

Turns out, they were the musicians hired for the evening's entertainment.

P.S. And yes, several of the tables sang along with nearly every song.

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